And Then I Read: FLASH REBIRTH 2 & 3


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Geoff Johns is doing a fine job of writing this title. I like the way he’s retelling Barry Allen’s backstory, this time focusing on early days with his now-wife Iris in issue 2. Some of the other character bits I can’t follow as well, not having kept up with the last decade or more of Flash continuity, but Allen’s relationships with Hal Jordan and Clark Kent I do get, and they’re also well done. The mysteries involving the Speed Force continue to grow, putting everyone around Barry in danger, and his reaction to that is classic Barry.


I like Ethan Van Sciver’s art more all the time, though here and there some of the larger figures seem a bit odd, still. But his storytelling and action scenes are well done, with a detailed approach in his linework that reminds me of George Pérez at times, a good person to be reminded of. Johns is giving him lots of characters to draw, and he seems to do that well. I also like his Infantino homage cover on issue 2, and issue 3’s cover is fine, too.

Though some of the story misses me because of continuity I don’t know, there’s plenty here to enjoy. I’m looking forward to more. Recommended.

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