And Then I Read: FLASH REBIRTH 4


Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Geoff Johns is telling a complex but action-filled story in this book utilizing four generations of Flashes and pitting them against one of their deadliest foes, the Reverse-Flash. It’s sort of a Flash crossover all in one book, and in this issue Johns manages to cram in a lot of explanations and back-story along with pages full of crackling action. I can’t say I understand all of the continuity references, but it doesn’t matter, the story works without that, and it’s a page-turner.


Ethan Van Sciver’s art continues to improve and grow on me. The action scenes continue to impress, and now I’m even liking the quieter moments a lot more. Well done, all around, and hats off to colorist Brian Miller for managing all the color holds and similar costume colors while keeping the storytelling clear. Recommended.

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