And Then I Read: FLASH REBIRTH 5


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

I’m really enjoying this Flash revamp, returning Barry Allen to the title. It has an entire cast of super-speedsters, but what really stands out is the bitter conflict between Barry and his arch-enemy the Reverse Flash. Both are handled with great effect by writer Geoff Johns in this story, which delves into Allen’s past in a way I never expected, and the reveal at the end of this issue is shocking. Johns seems unable to resist having nearly all the DC speedsters together here, and some of that is a bit confusing and distracting, but most of it works. The art by Ethan Van Sciver is terrific, from that great homage cover (on the first appearance of the Golden Age and Silver Age Flashes together in the 1960s), through every page of this issue. I still find his figures a little stiff when they should be relaxed, but when they’re moving, as they usually are in this title, he gets it right. There’s really very little about this series I don’t like, and I recommend it highly. Looking forward to the final issue.

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