Image © Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson.

I’ve loved Wrightson’s work since I first discovered it on the original SWAMP THING in the early 1970s, and I treasure his illustrated version of the Mary Shelley novel. This story is almost as impressive visually, and well written by Steve Niles, who brings all the tortured emotional complexity and moral agony of Shelley’s creature to life. The story so far is moving quite slowly, and has included some flashbacks, but with this issue seems to be getting into new territory, with the monster taking shelter from another mad scientist who has an agenda of his own, of course. The art is beautifully painted in warm grays and blacks, the technique is generally less detailed than the novel line art, but there are some impressive exceptions that will amaze you. The only thing wrong with this book in my eyes (aside from how difficult the cover is to scan!) is the fact that there isn’t more of it more often, but the work speaks of the time taken, so I understand why. The backup excerpt from the Shelley novel seems unnecessary, but I suppose works to fill out the issue’s 19 pages of story.


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