And Then I Read: FUTURE QUEST #1

Future-Quest-1-CoverImage © 2016 Hanna-Barbera.

While much of comics fandom is focused on the DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH and CAPTAIN AMERICA, I had more fun with this rebirth of some cartoon adventure heroes. I did not watch any of the cartoon shows they’re from, and I only recognize Space Ghost and Johnny Quest, but I found this first issue easy to understand and enjoy anyway.

After a prelude on a distant world where a battle has raged between opposing forces, the main story comes to present day Florida where the thrill-loving boy Johnny Quest and his friend Hadji are trying out some cool jet-pack flyers. Watching over them in a helicopter is pilot and bodyguard Race Bannon, along with Johnny’s dog Bandit. Things turn serious when they’re attacked by Dr. Zin, and things get stranger when Vortexes to other worlds open up allowing strange beasts and beings to emerge. Visiting Johnny’s father, Doctor Benton Quest is another hero, Birdman, who flies off to help, and the action and adventure roll on from there. The story by Jeff Parker is entertaining and even though it introduces so many characters, the focus stays on Johnny and his friends for the most part, allowing readers to get to know them.

This is fun stuff, and I loved the art. Most is by Evan “Doc” Shaner, but there’s a seven-page segment by Steve Rude, too, that steps up the game even more. I’m certainly going to try more of this series. Recommended.

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: FUTURE QUEST #1

  1. Jim Kosmicki

    agreed – and the vortexes are a solid mechanism for getting characters from various shows in one spot. It’s a hand-waving mechanism, but it’s consistent with both comics and animated adventures.

  2. Michael Savene

    Hi Todd!
    I’m glad to see DC offering all-age books. I grew up on the cartoons represented on the cover of this comic. I’m also glad to hear you enjoyed the comic. I will check it out! Scooby-Doo! Team Up has been fun as well. I hope the all-ages books do well. We purchased all-age Free Comic Book Day comics this year to provide at our show for our Akron Comicon Kids Club (we had almost 1,000 kids at the show last year). We believe we need to reach the next generation in order preserve the comic art medium. We keep our show affordable for families. Kids 13 and under are free.

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