And Then I Read: FUTURE QUEST #2

FutureQuest2I didn’t enjoy this issue as much as the first one. It suffers from a common problem with crossover stories: too many characters, not enough room to get to know them. I like the Quest family and friends, and Space Ghost is interesting, but the rest of the heroes are unknown to me, and many are here with no explanation or background. This is the sort of book that should have an inside cover showing all the main characters with descriptions. An opening sequence has many characters on some distant world battling the main series threat, a monster called Omnikron, which did not engage me much because I didn’t know most of the characters, and therefore didn’t care that much when they were threatened or harmed. Omnikron also seemed rather predictable and unscary. Events on our world were more interesting. I’ll read on, but with less enthusiasm.

Mildly recommended.

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