And Then I Read: FUTURE QUEST 3

futurequest3Image © DC Comics/Hanna-Barbera.

Where can you find a new painted cover and 11 page story by the masterful Steve Rude? Right here, the first of two stories in this issue which steps back from the Hanna-Barbera crossover of issues 1 and 2 to explore the back stories and individual adventures of some characters in it. Both stories are nicely written by Jeff Parker. First up is Birdman with art by Rude, then The Herculoids with art by Aaron Lopresti. Birdman and his hawk friend are teamed with female agent Miss Sumadi to deal with monsters coming through a hidden gateway. In the other story, The Herculoids, an entertainingly diverse group of humanoids and non-humans are dealing with robot invaders from a neighboring planet. I have nothing invested in these characters, not having seen any of the cartoons they were in, but the art and writing made this a fun read and much more enjoyable than the previous issue. It’s mostly action but with enough character development to keep me interested. Looking forward to more.


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