And Then I Read: FUTURE QUEST #5

futurequest5Image © DC Comics and Hanna-Barbera.

I’ve never been a big fan of Hanna-Barbera TV shows, and while I did watch some of the early ones like The Flintstones and The Jetsons, I never watched any of their action-adventure Saturday morning shows containing characters in this series. I’m reading it because it seemed like a nice change of pace and a fun idea, and mostly I’ve liked it. The lead story in this issue is very plot-driven, and the plot seems contrived to arrange for more characters to come together. That’s one of the points of the series, I guess, but it makes for less interesting reading in my view than stories that are character-driven. There are some nice action moments like a dinosaur stampede and a striking new origin, but in general this didn’t work for me. The second story started off the same way, but grew more interesting when we see that the three characters called The Impossibles are actually people playing that role on a TV show…and are also really characters with the powers they exhibit in the show. By adding this layer to the story it made it more interesting, even if the characters themselves were generally predictable. The addition of a new super to the scene and the group was kind of fun, too, and it looks like this story will continue next issue. I’ll keep reading.

Mildly recommended.

One thought on “And Then I Read: FUTURE QUEST #5

  1. susan gallagher

    Have to disagree regarding the Impossibles – my all-time favourites – for the most part. While I was glad that the original, (and to me the only)!! 3 were very much in character, I just do not want the new member added – I feel she will take attention from the originals and disrupt their interaction and camaraderie which is such a great part of the cartoon. O.K. if she was someone who helped them out now and again, but not an actual member. I don’t like the original Big D being replaced by Deva, who I find unlikeable and seems to have a disproportionately big role for a supporting character who isn’t even original H.B. And I want my fave Multi Man’s original costume back!

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