And Then I Read: G.I. ZOMBIE 1


Images © DC Comics, Inc.

I’m not generally a fan of war comics or zombie stories, but I had to check this one out. First, the book’s logo appealed to me. STAR SPANGLED WAR STORIES had a decades-long run at DC beginning in 1952.


G.I. COMBAT, which the main logo parodies, also began in 1952 from Quality Comics, then from DC after they bought the title in 1957. I appreciate the nods to the past, and the twist that makes it work for today’s audience, even if the cover scene never appears within.

Inside I found what is not really a war story, at least not yet. It is a zombie story, though it takes a while for that to become clear. What we do see is a feisty young woman bravely taking on some dangerous-looking bikers in a seedy bar, gradually winning their trust, and taking part in a vicious interrogation of a federal agent. Beyond vicious, really. When the information they want isn’t forthcoming, she even offers to dispose of the evidence. It’s a nice piece of writing, and Scott Hampton’s art is a delight to see, as always, even if the occasional gore doesn’t appeal to me. If you’re looking for something different, give this a try.


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