And Then I Read: G.I. ZOMBIE 3

GIZombie3Image © DC Comics, Inc.

The storyline in this book keeps surprising me, in good ways. We have a protagonist who is a zombie, but an atypical one: he’s intelligent, well spoken, and working for the army as an undercover agent. In this issue he’s literally rocketed into a small town alongside a payload full of some kind of infectious agent that starts quickly turning everything it contacts into the typical sort of zombies: mindless killers, starting with animals, and working quickly to the human population. It’s pretty out there for a war comic, much more of a horror story, but well written by Palmiotti and Gray, and the realistic art by Scott Hampton is perfect, keeping the tone calm and therefore more believable. Our zombie can take a lot of punishment, but is he a match for a whole town full of mindless killers? I’m looking forward to finding out.


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