And Then I Read: G.I. ZOMBIE 7


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Is it a sign of poor sales that this ultra-violent cover has nothing to do with the story inside? Trying to draw in a few extra buyers, perhaps? In any case I don’t care for it. If I were a parent with kids, I wouldn’t want it where they could find it, either. Really, DC?

I continue to love the series itself, though. The vast secret terrorist organization that G.I. Zombie and his partner have infiltrated is falling apart, thanks to them, and the huge underground headquarters has been destroyed by the group in an effort to cover their tracks. One agent is still among the small escape group, though, and getting into big trouble in the new secret hideout she’s been brought to. Meanwhile, G.I. Zombie has barely survived the explosion of the first bunker in a car going all out across the desert. His car is wrecked, and he’s hoping for help from two civilians in a passing car, but that doesn’t go well either when they suddenly go all zombie themselves. Great story and art by Gray, Palmiotti and Hampton.


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