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Collected in this hardcover are the first four issues of this new series created and written by Martin with art by Stefano Martino. It began life as a TV series proposal/pilot and with Martin’s name on it I suppose could be one again someday. It’s a story of Cat, a woman on the run across multiple alternate Earths. She falls into ours just in time to be hit by a truck, and in a hospital emergency room finds an unsuspecting and somewhat unwilling ally in her doctor. Before he knows it he’s dragged onto her runaway train of a life, trying to evade otherworldly killers with her, and hopping to another version of Earth to do so, one where civilization has ground to a halt due to lack of fossil fuels. Dr. Thomas Mason is now in deep, and equally a target, and he and Cat are still just one step ahead of their tracker/killers.

The characters are good, the dialogue is choice. Cat speaks in a charminlgy mangled English that reminds me somehow of a Tarzan movie, and she’s a hellcat who pulls no punches. The other people along their path are all very human, except for the otherworldly villains who are right out of a horror/SF movie. It’s a good ride.

The art is appealing and quite accomplished. Nicely handled figure work, storytelling and action, good character acting most of the time. No complaints there. My one complaint about this collection is that there’s no sense of story arc to it. Four issues, each of which digs deeper holes for Cat and the doctor with no resolutions or hope in sight. Will there be more? If this were a monthly from DC or Marvel I’d feel pretty confident there will, but we’re talking about a top SF writer here, whose time is probably in very high demand. I’d have been happier with some kind of at least minor closure at the end rather than just another cliffhanger.

Still recommended.

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