And Then I Read: GHOSTS 1

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I lettered the “Dead Boy Detectives” story in this anthology, but hadn’t read the rest until now. It’s a nice collection of stories each giving an unusual twist to what we usually think of as a ghost story. The entries by Gilbert Hernandez, Al Ewing/Rufus Dayglo, Cecil Castelllucci/Amy Reeder, Neil Kleid/John McCrea and Geoff Johns/Jeff Lemire are all entertaining a good reading. What stands out for me, though is this one:

An unfinished story written and pencilled by Joe Kubert, and on his drawing board when he died waiting to be inked. First, I’ve rarely seen Joe’s pencils, and these are so confident, lively and loose, yet still get everything across perfectly. Second, the story theme is one that hits home: an old man in a jungle tribe on the verge of death, and his young grandson trying to fight off death personified to keep him alive a little longer. All the more poignant now that Joe has passed.


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