And Then I Read: GODHEAD 1

Godhead1Image © DC Comics, Inc.

When The Source Wall from Jack Kirby’s Fourth World books showed up in a recent Green Lantern family arc, I suppose it was inevitable that Kirby’s New Gods would tangle with the Green Lantern Corps. It was even more likely once the White Lantern Kyle Rayner, possessor of the powers of the entire rainbow of rings, managed to pierce the Source Wall. That was bound to come to the attention of New Gods leader Highfather. If he can capture that power and duplicate it, he can at last achieve the Life Equation he needs to defeat Darkseid. This is comics, of course, so we can expect no final conclusive winner in the battle of good and evil. Thus, it’s all about the telling of the tale. In this opening chapter, the New Gods are explained, the stakes are described, and rings of each color are gathered, causing much trouble for the Corps. It’s not a bad opening, but aside from a few surprising ring-bearing victims, it didn’t offer a lot to engage me. The art and writing has a very “team” feel, it works fine, but I miss the individual story lines and character development that get minimized in such epics. I’ll read the Godhead crossover as it continues in the Corps books I follow, but without great enthusiasm. I do love the large type treatment on the covers, though.

Mildly recommended.

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