And Then I Read: GRAVEYARD SHAKES by Laura Terry

Image © Laura Terry.

Scholastic has been putting out some fine comics in recent years, and this is one of them. Katia and Victoria are sisters who are starting at a new high-class private school. Victoria is anxious to fit in, but finds herself rejected and laughed at by the rich snobs she approaches. Katia is defiantly quirky and refuses to make any effort to fit in, even when she finds a music class and teacher that seem perfect for her piano-playing talent. In a nearby graveyard, or rather beneath it, a mysterious man named Nikola is trying to prolong the tenuous life of his son, Modie. To do so, he must once again steal the life of a child. Modie is against this, but Nikola and his henchman plan to kidnap someone from the school to carry out his plans.

When Katia and Victoria meet for lunch in the graveyard, their different styles clash, and Katia decides to run away from school. Victoria tries to find her and bring her back, but falls into the clutches of Nikola. Katia, with the help of a friendly ghost, is determined to save her sister, but must face the terrors of the world below the graveyard to do it.

The story and art are charming, just a bit scary and with good doses of humor. At 202 pages for $10.77 (or $7.99 Kindle) on Amazon, this is quite a bargain, and should appeal to teenage girls. I read an uncorrected proof given to me at Baltimore Comic-con in which only a few pages were in color, so I’m not sure if all of them are in the final book, but either way, this is well worth a look.


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