And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN #12

Image © DC Comics. Written by Grant Morrison, art by Liam Sharp,
colors by Steve Oliff, letters by Tom Orzechowski

Hal Jordan faces his evil anti-matter version, the Qwa-Man in this final issue of GREEN LANTERN for a while. Hal is on the planet Weirwimm in the No-Zone, where Green Lanterns are not supposed to be. Despite that, he has a small group of Lanters with him that have not fared well against their powerful opponent. Some help is provided by the anti-matter version of Sinestro, but will that turn the tide? More help is on the way from the United Planets Superwatch if it can arrive in time, and there’s even a Zeta-beam in play. In the end, a dying Hal Jordan is offered the chance for a new affiliation if he wants to stay alive. The issue ends with little resolution.

The cast and conflicts of this series have grown ever more complex, and I’m no longer able to keep track of it all. This issue is mainly fighting, which is not my favorite kind of story, but it’s well done. Certainly the dialogue, art, coloring and lettering are all excellent. The story will continue in a new BLACKSTARS series, and later a new “season” of GREEN LANTERN will follow. My inclination is to pass on the former and wait for the latter.

Mildly recommended.

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