And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 18


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

The two great themes of literature are often cited as love and death. Writer Geoff Johns seems to have a talent for and attraction to the latter. Hal Jordan, Sinestro and many others are in a dead zone, put there by Black Hand, and now the newest of Earth’s Green Lanterns, Simon Baz, has joined them. Unlike the others, he has an object of power, the GL ring that Sinestro made for Hal. All three of them try to use it to break out, not all of them will succeed. Meanwhile, Black Hand is still out there threatening ancient Guardians and GL Corps members, but the dead zone is where this story is centered. The art for that part is appropriately dark and shadowy, full of cool blue watercolor art by Szymon Kudranski I think (if I’m reading the credits right). The atmosphere is unlike most superhero comics, and the interplay among the heroes is very well done. Geoff Johns at his best.


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