And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN #2

Image © DC Comics. Written by Grant Morrison, art by Liam Sharp, colors by Steve Oliff, letters by Tom Orzechowski.

Writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp are doing an excellent job on this series, which so far stands out as quite different from what came before and thoroughly fascinating. Grant’s inventive characters, from a blind GL who operates through sound to one with a human body and a small volcano for a head, are breaking new ground, a hard thing to do in this decades-long series. Evil Star, a long-time GL villain, has been sprung from a prison of complete darkness, which had rendered him powerless.  Turns out the person who engineered that breakout doesn’t want him, but wants his powers. On Oa, the new Oa, drawn with amazing complexity by Liam, Hal Jordan is interrogating a former member of the Spider Guild. (As the co-creator of that group with Dave Gibbons, this was particularly fun for me.) New threats abound, and perhaps the biggest one is the complete disappearance of whole planets. As the surprise ending reveals, this will hit Hal Jordan hard.


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