And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 24


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue purportedly starts a new story arc, but in fact just continues the previous one. The giant, powerful new threat “Relic” has finally arrived on Oa to suck up all the GL power. Corps members from all over, including the other GL titles, are assembling to try to stop him, along with the Guardians (new at their job, and seemingly rather weak). Hal Jordan, the new leader of the Corps, marshalls his forces as best he can, but nothing seems able to stop Relic and his robotic power-leeches. Reasoning does no better than physical attacks. Things look bad. Of course, this is about the sixth time we’ve been to the edge of obliteration with the Corps in the last few years, so I can’t say I’m very worried. Writer Robert Venditti does a good job with the script and dialogue, and the art by Billy Tan and Rob Hunter is fine. Despite that, I feel I can only mildly recommend this issue. It feels like we’ve been here before, and not that long ago.

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