And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 26


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Hal Jordan and some fellow Lanterns are on a mission to stop a Star Sapphire who’s also the leader of a planet full of hijackers and criminals. Hal seems to have lost a lot of the human insight and cleverness he showed during writer Geoff Johns’ tenure, and is becoming more like Guy Gardner to my eyes. While he’s been giving lip service to reducing the use of power rings, his trump card in this adventure (which seems an act of stubbornness more than anything) uses a huge amount of power. When he’s called on that, he doesn’t have a good answer. Hal used to be the smart one. If he still was, he might see what’s behind the trouble he keeps getting into. The art by Billy Tan with inking help from Rob Hunter and Don Ho is inconsistent; often it looks good, but in places the faces get strange. Not too distracting, but a little.

Mildly recommended.

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