And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN #3

Image © DC Comics. Written by Grant Morrison, art by Liam Sharp, colors by Steve Oliff, letters by Tom Orzechowski.

Earth has been captured and shrunk by an intergalactic slaver named Volgar Zo of Dhor. It and all the life forms on it are being offered for the best price at a slave auction whose bidders include Steppenwolf of Apokolips and The Dominion. Volgar Zo is being protected by Blackstars using the power of Evil Star, and as Hal Jordan and a group of Green Lanterns watch, Earth is sold to a godlike being called The Shepherd. Needless to say, Hal is not going to allow this without a fight, but when he engages The Shepherd, he’s invited to talk to the people of Earth to see what they think. As Hal is shocked to discover, they’re okay with their new god, even after Hal reveals the horrible truth about his true motives.

This is a fun idea, kind of drawing on Kanjar Ro from the original JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #3 crossed with Brainiac and his miniature cities. Where it goes is interesting, too. I’m enjoying this series, and I like everything about it; the writing, the art, the coloring and the lettering. Nice to have GREEN LANTERN to look forward to again. Recommended.

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