And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 34

GL34Image © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue is a transitional one, it seems, before the next big storyline/battle. It begins with Hal Jordan trying to arrest a criminal who’s a sort of emotional sponge, able to feed off the “willpower” energy of his ring. That makes the arrest difficult, of course. Then there’s a rather odd sequence on the planet Mogo, the current GLC headquarters, where Hal, in the midst of dealing with his criminal captive, is joined by family members: brother Jim and Jim’s wife Susan and their two kids. Some family time follows for Jim and Hal as Susan and the kids explore. Their visit was the idea of Kilowog, and carried out by current Earth GL Simon Baz. Hal’s family seems unfazed by most of the strange world they’re visiting, and the entire sequence seemed odd to me. The issue ends with what looks like a preview of battles to come.

Mildly recommended.

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