And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 35

GL35Image © DC Comics, Inc.

The New Gods have stolen some Green Lantern rings and are trying to use them to pierce the Source Wall and get the Life Equation. With typical arrogance, they did it violently, with no regard for the consequences to the ring holders. Hal Jordan leads a team to confront them at the Source Wall, and the battle is on. Both sides are sure of their power, but the Green Lanterns come up short in this round. You’d think the Corps would be getting used to being bested, as that’s happened a lot in recent times, but Hal seems ready to bull ahead…until he gets a look at the New Gods’ home base. And where is Darkseid, one wonders? The story is pretty good, the art is fine, and it’s not a bad show so far. My favorite thing remains the large type on the covers.


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