And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 39-42


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Okay, I admit it, I’m curious about the upcoming Blackest Night event, and am reading GL and GL CORPS to see how Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi work their way up to it. In these issues we’re introduced to another color of lanterns, Orange. The possessor is a single, very ancient creature hidden away in the Vegan star system, and he likes it that way. His thing is Avarice — he wants everything he sees. He wants to be the only one with power. He is the only Orange Lantern. So, when his ancient truce with the Guardians is broken and both Guardians and Green Lanterns come his way, there’s bound to be trouble. Especially Hal Jordan, who not only possesses a green power ring on one hand, but now has a BLUE power ring on the other. The Orange one’s desire for that blue ring drives them into battle.

Meanwhile, John Stewart faces a challenge of another sort when one of the Star Sapphires named Fatality comes looking for him. And other plot threads begin to reveal the direction the story will take toward Blackest Night.


The art by penciller Philip Tan, with some also by Eddy Barrows, is well drawn, very detailed and full of energy, in all colors and forms. In fact there’s hardly a page or panel that doesn’t glow and crackle with some kind of colorful energy. Geoff Johns keeps it all on track, though, I had no trouble following the story, complex as it is. And it’s a fun ride, with less of the gross-out factor present in the Red Rage story, and more character moments, always a good thing.

Looking forward to more. Recommended.

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