And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 42

GL42Image © DC Comics.

While not saying so exactly, this book has been rebooted with a new version of Hal Jordan. Same writer and artist team, new look and direction. Here he’s a scruffy, long-haired bounty-hunter with no power ring, but instead a power glove that acts unpredictably. It’s not such a bad change, really, and I can see how a writer would want to go in this direction rather than rehashing all the old Hal Jordan material of the last 50 years or more. Hal has a criminal in tow,  and an assistant of sorts, and is at the helm of a cool starship. More Star Wars than GL Corps, but kind of fun. And he’s faced with a problem of things turning to stone in some way he hasn’t figured out yet. A familiar figure is lurking to be revealed on the last page, bringing the story back into more familiar territory, and we’ll see where it goes next.


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