And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 52

Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Finally we’re getting somewhere. Sorry, but that’s what it feels like in this penultimate Blackest Night issue. Sinestro has taken on the aspect of The Entity, the secret core of life in the universe, as Geoff Johns tells it, making him in effect the first White Lantern. Now we get to the real battle between light and dark, and Nekron strikes a killing blow, nearly cutting Sinestro in half! Meanwhile, a planet full of Black Lantern rings is hovering over Earth trying to destroy it physically as well as spiritually. The rainbow coalition tackles that threat, but can anything help Sinestro? This issue has what the last one lacked for me: drama, tension, and a sense that things are moving toward a resolution in BLACKEST NIGHT 8. We’ll see if the big payoff there delivers. Meanwhile, this is a good build-up. Mildly recommended.

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