And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 53

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Here we go with the next big crossover event. This opening issue of it in GREEN LANTERN is pretty good. Even though I know it will devolve into mindless fighting, so far it’s intriguing. It opens with a mysterious black-robed and green-chained figure who seems to be masterminding things. Not a lot of information there yet, but I’d like to see more. Then we move to a fun scene in a bar on Earth with Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris that brings out the characters of both with well-written banter and then makes a nice bait and switch play to them piloting twin fighter jets.

If all GL comics were this good, I’d have nothing to grouse about! The art by Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy is attractive and expressive, even capturing a subtle Gil Kane feel in some of the figures and faces. Of course Sinestro soon shows up to turn things angry, and other members of the rainbow coalition apparently now called “The New Guardians” make appearances of varying interest to me. In all, though, I enjoyed reading this comic and it’s recommended.

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