And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 54

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Atrocitus, the Red Lantern in this story is my least favorite character. I found the entire Red Lantern idea repulsive in previous storylines, and I don’t see anything to change my opinion here, even his new feline sidekick. Moving on from that, the trio of Sinestro, Star Sapphire and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) are making a little progress in understanding the White Lantern, but it only leads to more questions. They’re questions that seem worth asking, though, and they lead back into Brightest Day, which so far is holding my interest. Finally we have the mysterious hooded mastermind on the planet Daxam apparently resurrecting the Green Lantern known as Ion, if I’m reading that correctly. Since I don’t think I read any stories about Ion I’m not sure if that’s something I want to know more about or not, but am willing to see what comes of it. Finally, on the last page, we have the return of Lobo, never a character I particularly liked, though sometimes he’s amusing when played for laughs. Doesn’t seem to be the case here. A mixed bag of storylines.

Here’s that blood-spitting, criminal dissolving cat. If you like that sort of thing, I imagine this issue will please you. As for me, I can only mildly recommend it.

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