And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 57 – 59

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

The Brightest Day storyline running through this and the other Green Lantern titles has the effect, for me, of adding a lot of extra characters and complications that I can’t always follow completely. This means that, while there are parts of each issue I understand and enjoy, there are others I kind of glaze past. My favorite character throughout these three issues is Larfleeze, I’m finding him delightfully self-absorbed and quite funny. Hal seems largely uninvolved emotionally, even when his former love interest Carol Ferris heads off to take charge of the Star Sapphire group on another world.

When Barry Allen, The Flash shows up to try to talk some sense with Hal, it provides a breath of fresh air to the convoluted storyline, and the words coming out of Barry’s mouth express a lot of what I’ve been feeling: what the hell is Hal doing teaming with these evil, villainous characters? Why has he cut himself off from the rest of the Corps? Why won’t he accept help from his friends? I’m guessing answers to these questions will be forthcoming, and I hope soon. Meanwhile, Barry gets dragged into things in a way he and I didn’t see coming. Is this the beginning of Flashpoint, or something that will be resolved in the next issue of GL? Hard to say, I’ll be reading to find out.

Recommended, but getting tough to follow.

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