And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 60

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue begins with a handy one-page recap of “Blackest Night” and the beginning of “Brightest Day.” Handy for me, who found those stories confusing at times. Now, if only this had been available sooner…! It also places Parallax in context. I wasn’t reading the GL books when the original Parallax storyline was running, so while I have an idea of what it’s about, this was also helpful.

Here’s that page. Then we’re ready to get on with the current story, where Parallax has taken over The “Barry Allen” Flash, a pretty daunting combination of malice and speed! For the first time in a while, I thought Hal Jordan had met his match. It’s an exciting action scene with a nice psychological edge.

Then the mysterious robed and bandaged figure that’s been lurking in the background for some time now shows up, and many more interesting things are revealed, including exactly who he is.

This is a great issue, Geoff Johns at his best. The art by Doug Mahnke with a platoon of inkers is also terrific, as are the colors and letters by Rod Reis and Nick Napolitano, respectively. GL is firing on all cylinders, as he should be in prep for his big screen film coming along soon. Recommended!

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