And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 61

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

I find that my interest in the Green Lantern books wanes considerably when the focus is on the Red Lanterns, so this issue wasn’t very appealing to me. It’s all about Rage, justified in some cases perhaps, but still not appealing to me. The presence of The Spectre (now “manned” by Crispus Allen) was somewhat interesting, as I haven’t seen much of him in a while, and I used to like the character, even though he, too, was largely about rage and revenge.

The art by penciller Doug Mahnke and a quartet of inkers is fine if you like detailed depictions of spewing blood and splattering flesh. Okay, it’s not all that, but that’s what stays with me. I can acknowledge that such things have a place in dramatic comics stories these days, but I’d rather move on to other things.

Not recommended.

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