And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 62

Images ©DC Comics, Inc.

Man, that is one crowded cover, both with characters and with banner, type and logos. The issue is pretty crowded, too, having to incorporate The Justice League, the rainbow coalition of Lanterns, the powerful Entities like Parallax, and all of them apparently no match for one little blue guy, the former Guardian named Krona. He’s the one who created so many problems by trying to see back in time to the very creation of everything. He’s been around for many billions of years, though apparently he just recently got free of a prison the Guardians put him in, and he seems quite mad, which is not surprising. Talk about doing long time! He’s the mysterious hooded figure that’s been pulling strings behind the scenes for some time now, and I find him an interesting character. Much more so than the Guardians. Geoff Johns is doing a good job writing him on the knife edge of sanity, and sounding plausibly like a very old mind indeed. Where the story goes next is previewed at the end of the issue, and it’s another war. Oh, joy. Well, we’ll see how much fun that brings.

The art by Doug Mahnke and a trio of inkers is quite good. I like the range of subtle and not-so-subtle expressions on the characters’ faces, and it all looks quite cool. Great coloring and fine lettering by Randy Mayor and Steve Wands respectively, too.


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