And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 63

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Another “War” event is about to begin in the Green Lantern books, and this issue is listed as a Prologue. It’s actually quite interesting to me, a long-time GL reader, as it delves into what I think of as “the Matter of DC,” (as the King Arthur story is considered “the Matter of England”), the origin of the universe story first told in an early silver age GREEN LANTERN. In a nutshell, a billion years ago, Krona, of the species that became the Guardians of the Universe, used science to look back to the very beginning of all things, hoping to see that moment of creation. This caused a violent reaction on the part of a mysterious “creator” that resulted in the infinite worlds and alternate universes of DC, as greatly expanded upon in the series CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, with many later ramifications, including some in more recent “event” series. This time, writer Geoff Johns lets us see Krona as a person, arguing with his friend Ganthet, rather than a cardboard villain (at least in the beginning of the issue). Then we come back to the present, in a world where Krona has gained possession of a group of very powerful entities that represent the different color lantern powers at their worst (Parallax is one of them, for instance).  It’s a good build-up. Perhaps I won’t like the actual war as much, but this I like.

The art by Ed Benes, Ardian Syaf and several inkers is quite good. It may have been here for a while, I’m not sure, but I’m just noticing the influence of the style of Jose Luis Garcia Lopez in the figures. Don’t know if that’s something in the style of one of these artists, or a purposeful direction for the art as requested by DC, but it looks good to me.


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