And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN #7

Image © DC Comics. Written by Grant Morrison, art and colors by Liam Sharp,
letters by Tom Orzechowski.

Hal Jordan is inside his own power ring and at first unable to remember why. The previous issue’s heroic deed is why, but now he’s in the world of Myrwhidden the wizard, who is mercifully asleep, though his nightmares populate the internal world of Emerald Sands. The only other entity here is a woman, Pengowirr, constantly on the run from the nightmares. When she and Hal meet, he begins to remember who he is, and what he needs to do, but will he have time? The power ring is nearly out of power.

It was fun revisiting Myrwhidden, a character from early in the original Silver Age run of this title, and both Morrison’s text and Sharp’s visuals are beautifully ornate, impressive, and fanciful. Orzechowski’s lettering is equally good, though the narrative font could have been a little bolder for easier reading.


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