And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN 9

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Firstly, the cover of this issue does not seem to match the contents. Perhaps plans changed after it was done, or it’s for another issue, but Black Hand is hardly mentioned inside. What we do have is the continuing exploration of the Indigo Tribe, which now includes Sinestro, as he’s been coopted by them. Hal Jordan continues to resist, and escapes from the Indigos to locate their central lantern. What he finds there opens up the history of the Tribe to Hal, and sets up what looks like the next big confrontation for the Guardians. Along the way we see more of Sinestro’s back story in flashbacks, and I have to say writer Geoff Johns is doing fine work there. Sinestro has more depth in this series than ever before.

The art by penciller Doug Mahnke and a tribe of inkers is wonderful, as always. Colorist Alex Sinclair and letterer Sal Cipriano enhance the viewing and reading experience expertly, and in all this book makes for fine reading.

Highly recommended.

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