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The conclusion of the “Lights Out” storyline in this book has some nice moments. It takes us to the wall at the edge of the universe, which I think is a Jack Kirby idea from his Fourth World books. The wall is dotted with the calcified remains of creatures who have tried to breach it, making for an interesting visual idea, though how there could actually be such a wall is a mind-twister that’s better left alone. Our giant villain Relic is, of course, determined to be the first to actually get through this wall, even if he has to use all the ring energy he’s gathered, and more. Kyle Rayner, and the entities of power within him too, as it happens. The rest of the ring-bearers arrive to help, but as usual are ineffective against Relic, so what to do? It’s a story of sacrifice, of course. And after, perhaps a new beginning for the GL Corps without Oa, we’ll see how that plays out. Nicely done by writer Robert Venditti and artists Sean Chen and Jon Sibal.


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