And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN CORPS 12-14

Green Lantern Corps 13 cover
All covers and art ©DC Comics, Inc.

Dave Gibbons continues to provide entertaining stories for this series, wrapping up several plotlines in issue 13 to make way for participation in the Sinestro Corps War crossover in 14. In 12-13 he does a nice job with long-time Green Lantern Guy Gardner, making the best of a character that is essentially a jerk and not very likeable. Other new Corps members are also handled well, but my favorite part of Dave’s run so far, and I guess it’s not surprising, is his use The Green Man, a character Dave and I co-created way back in the dim 1980s in several Green Lantern Corps backup stories, and one I then brought into my run as writer of THE OMEGA MEN.

A few years after that, The Green Man was supposedly killed in one of those big company-wide crossovers. When I learned Dave would be writing this title, we talked about our old stories, and I suggested bringing The Green Man back. “It’s comics,” I told him, “you can bring him back to life somehow.” Dave did, and in a clever way: he completely sidestepped the issue, never mentioning the past death of the character at all. Good one, Dave!

I also like his use of the planet-size Corps member Mogo, co-created by Dave and writer Alan Moore. Not only does Mogo have a reason to be in the Corps as Dave writes it, he becomes a major plot element in this current story that wraps up in issue 13. Also well done!

I have to admit I’m not very interested in the Sinestro Corps thing, so I skimmed through much of issue 14, but loved the Green Man episode, of course. I’ve been a longtime fan of the Corps, and will certainly be reading this title for the foreseeable future, though I understand Dave is passing the writing on to Peter Tomasi soon. He’s good too, so I’ll look forward to what he comes up with.

The art on these issues continues to be of high quality. Patrick Gleason as the main penciller does a fine job on the human characters, and I think an even better job on the non-human ones, giving everyone, even a tiny bee GL, lots of realism, appeal and dramatic acting on the page. Thinking about it, with characters ranging in size from planet to insect, just getting them all in the story is pretty amazing.

GLC Titles

I also want to commend DC staff letterer Phil Balsman on the overall look of the lettering on this book, and especially his story titles on issues 12 and 13, shown above. Really nice work, looks like he gave them a lot of thought and creativity. Well done, Phil.

The Green Lantern Corps has had it’s ups and downs, but at the moment I find it on a good trajectory and heading for the stars.

2 thoughts on “And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN CORPS 12-14

  1. Erik

    Teaming Green Man with Stel was a stroke of genius and I’m really going to miss Dave’s writing after the end of the Sinestro War arc.

  2. gorjus

    Couldn’t agree more–this title has been a pleasant surprise for me, especially the heavy areas of blacks in the art. Although, I think the Sinestro Corps War is pretty great.

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