And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN CORPS 18-21

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I don’t like storylines that run across multiple titles. I just think it’s a sneaky and unfair way to get readers to buy issues they wouldn’t buy otherwise, and I think many readers will drop a title rather than do that. I got into reading GREEN LANTERN CORPS again because I enjoyed Dave Gibbons’ writing on the title. Peter Tomasi does a fine job with the issues I’ve read by him, but issues 18 and 19 are part of the Sinestro Corps Wars storyline that has me feeling left out, as I’m not that interested in it, and have no desire to read the other books it’s in. I got some reading pleasure out of those issues, but mostly in the small moments.

Issue 20 begins another storyline that seems quite promising, featuring Mongul…but is interrupted by another story altogether in issue 21 by writer Sterling Gates focused on the Alpha Lantern concept that seems to be another cross-issue story of some kind, probably tied to the Sinestro thing. My patience is wearing thin. I liked some of what I read in both 20 and 21, and will probably not drop the title yet, but long for the return of stories unique to this title, and in consecutive issues. The fact that most of the Corps members featured in the book now are new ones that I’m not very familiar with isn’t helping. Sure, Earth GLs do appear, but are not the focus. That’d be fine if we readers had more time to grow attached to the new characters, but so far that hasn’t happened for me. Thus, this book is not one I can recommend, though I still love the concept.

One thought on “And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN CORPS 18-21

  1. Pedro Tejeda

    It appears the artists for the Mongul storyline was running late, so they had Sterling Gates write a script to fill in the time. It may have been possible for DC to wait the amount of time needed to catch up, but the audience has been upset with them lately for such delays on the Green Lantern book. The book is on the Mongul storyline as of now.

    I didn’t mind the crossover with the main green lantern book considering they been using the Green Lantern Corps to build on the Sinestro Corps storyline. I can understand not being a fan of the storyline, but considering the two books are tied together via concept, it would seem strange to do a large scale storyline and not include the other.

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