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I’m really warming to this title again. The art by Bernard Chang is very appealing, and the writing by Van Jensen is growing on me.

The first main storyline this time focuses on a disreputable trickster in an other-world marketplace. This trickster is named Von Daggle and has yellow skin and two fleshy antennae on his forehead. Readers of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES take note. Not only is this a fun sequence with lots of action and surprises, but Chang is doing something creative and playful with the art that I like: one panel on nearly every page is in an alternate graphic style with stark black, white and red coloring. It makes a nice contrast to the yellows and greens of the rest, and adds to my appreciation of the art without slowing down the story. The other thread is on Mogo, where the remaining Corps are still trying to regroup and form a plan to deal with the heavy odds against them. A kidnapping in their ranks does not help matters.


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