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Remember when this title focused on a handful of Corps members, their trials, heartbreaks, and triumphs? There’s not much of that here, at the end of the Blackest Night event, except in a twisted way. Guy Gardner, now that he’s back to the Green instead of the Red Lantern Corps, gets the Black Lantern guilt trip laid on him in the persona of Ice, his former girlfriend. While it has its moments, we’ve seen it before. Elsewhere, the rainbow coalition is still battling a huge host of Black Lanterns, and coming up with visually interesting approaches that seem to be working…or are they? How the Anti-Monitor got dragged into this story I’m not quite sure, it probably happened in some other book where I wasn’t looking. There’s not much drama here because there’s no real build-up or tension, it’s non-stop battles for the most part, with no clear resolution, just a “continued in BLACKEST NIGHT 8” tagline at the end. Mildly recommended.

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