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Billed as a Blackest Night epilogue, but part of the Brightest Day beginnings, this issue straddles the two events, but you can ignore most of that and enjoy reading it for itself. This is my kind of Green Lantern story, one that focuses on characters and relationships, not only between Corps members, but between the Corps and the Guardians. In the aftermath and cleanup from the Blackest Night mess, we see some of our favorites trying to pick up not only the physical debris, but the emotional wreckage of their lives as well. Peter Tomasi does a fine job with the writing, and this is no place holder. Events at the end of the issue are of utmost importance to the Corps, as for the first time I can remember, the Guardians actually listen to and take advice from some unhappy members, and even change their Guardian rules.

The art by Gleason and Buchman is excellent, capturing action and emotion equally well. Ah, if only all the stories could be like this! No doubt the Corps will soon be in another massive battle, but for the moment we get to see them as people, not weapons, and it’s a good moment. Recommended.

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