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The Alpha-Lanterns were supposed to be an elite group inside the Corps to police from within, and they apparently have their power batteries inserted into their chests, and are otherwise rather robotic. I kind of wasn’t paying attention when they first showed up, and am somewhat dismayed to see that The Green Man, the Corps member I co-created with Dave Gibbons is one of these characters who are now apparently in revolt and trying to capture other Corps members and force them to undergo the Alpha-Lantern conversion. John Stewart is spearheading a GLC task force to investigate and oppose them, but the Alpha’s powers seem much too strong for regular GLs to do more than annoy them on their base on Grenda. Things seem to be going downhill fast, and even reinforcements aren’t helping. Finally, there’s a mastermind behind things, revealed on the last page, that surprised me. There’s a brief Brightest Day tie in, but even without that this story is getting pretty complex. Not bad, though. Recommended.

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