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The storyline in this book is relatively easy to follow, and still interesting. The Weaponer of Qward has it in for Sinestro, so he kidnaps Sinestro’s daughter, the Green Lantern Soranik Natu, expecting that will draw Sinestro to him. He sends Soranik’s boyfriend, GL Kyle Rayner to tell Sinestro about this. They fight first, of course. Then Sinestro says he has no interest in Soranik, so tells Rayner to deal with it himself. The Weaponer has already proven quite equal to Kyle in power and abilities, if not superior, so there’s the problem.

The art by Tyler Kirkham and Batt is good, and has a little more life and vitality to it than what I’m now thinking of as the DC house style, seen on BRIGHTEST DAY and other titles I look at. I like it. I like this book generally, and think Tony Bedard is doing a good job with the writing. And the Brightest Day storyline doesn’t really have much impact here, which is fine with me. Recommended.

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