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This is one of those giant symbol and pinup art covers from DC  that I like. Of course, I don’t know what the symbol is supposed to represent, but then probably no one but Sinestro does, and he’s not telling. (Or if he has, I missed it.)

Sinestro is the focus of the issue, as he finally decides to respond to The Weaponer’s challenge and face him on Qward, where The Weaponer has a group of Green Lanterns held prisoner, including Sinestro’s daughter. Sinestro is careful to point out, though, that it’s not about Sora, it’s about his honor, a much more important thing. And that’s why we love to hate him, isn’t it?

The GLs on Qward face a dilemma. They don’t want to help The Weaponer, and they don’t want to fight the Sinestro Corps, since there’s a declared truce between the yellows and greens, but in the battle that ensues, they end up doing both. What will the consequences be? Who’s going to triumph in this three-way contest? Writer Tony Bedard keeps us guessing.

The art by penciller Tyler Kirkham and two inkers looks good. I continue to be impressed by the level of craft seen in the DC books I’m reading these days. All the GL books have very professional art that is full of detail, yet well-based in solid fundamentals. And no lack of imagination, either!


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