And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN CORPS 61-63

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Still catching up on books that came out before the New 52. These last three issues of GLC (before the latest relaunch) are each stand-alone stories with none of the crossover madness and little of the war repercussions of previous issues, and it’s a refreshing change.

61 focuses on John Stewart helping out a newbie GL on her first mission. It’s charming and well written by Tony Bedard, the kind of story I used to love reading, and occasionally writing, in GL Corps backups years ago.

62 is a face-off between GLs Kyle Rayner of Earth and his girlfriend Soranik Natu (of Korugar I think, same place as her father Sinestro). It’s a relationship story that develops into an action story in a situation set up by the Star Sapphire Miri to get the two of them fighting side by side. Miri’s plan is to rekindle their failing romance in the heat of battle. Will it work? Read the issue to find out. This one’s also written well by Bedard.

63, the final issue, is written and partly drawn by Scott Kolins. Always good to see someone stretching their boundaries in comics. Centered on Oa, the story is divided into chapters, with a focus on Alpha Lantern Boodikka (one of the machine-like Alpha Lanterns), attempts to bring her back to the Corps, and some of the other Lanterns trying to clean of the messes from the last battle there. Kind of a set-up for the next series, but well done.

Here’s a page of art from 63 by Joe Prado, but the bulk of the pencilling in these issues is by Daniel HDR. I like most of it (a few wobbly bits here and there), but generally good work. I’m still not sure if HDR is a last name or some kind of abbreviation, though.


One thought on “And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN CORPS 61-63

  1. Joe M.

    Man, the Gurdians just don’t learn do they? First the manhunters when haywire and then Alpha lanterns get hijacked. Seriously, the little blue guys need a intervention! X D

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