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Again catching up on comics released by DC before the New 52. As in GL CORPS, these three issues are each stand-alone stories with Guy Gardner as the main protagonist.

11 has Guy on a space mission where a pretty face puts him in a romantic mood until treachery puts him right out of it. Great art on this one by Bernard Chang, and the story is well done, reminding me a bit of a Dr. Who episode.

12 takes place largely on Oa, where Guy and some new GLs are sent to face an old foe of the Guardians that even they seem to be afraid of. Past GL teams sent on the same mission have vanished, but Guy isn’t worried about that. Perhaps he should be! And the monstrous villain looks kind of familiar to me… Pencils by Chris Batista on this one, looking quite good.

13 is an interesting team up of Guy and Batman on a space station in Earth orbit where one of the crew members has been murdered. Clearly the suspect list is a short one, but of course Guy and Bats go at things in very different ways. Another fun story that would have fit in pretty well inside the old BRAVE AND BOLD comic.

Pencils on this one are by Ron Frenz, whose work I haven’t seen in a while. Again, it looks good. the artistic standard in both story and art has been high on all the GL titles recently, and these do not disappoint. Recommended.

One thought on “And Then I Read: GREEN LANTERN EMERALD WARRIORS 11-13

  1. Kabe

    I’m really surprised by how modern Frenz art looks here. I had him pegged as a stuck in the past artist, and it’s nice to be proven wrong.

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