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This new title is a slight departure from previous GL books, but has lots of familiar elements. Earthman Kyle Rayner is the anchor, and the story begins with a brief recap of his origin with no date indicated, so I’m not sure if it’s intended as an actual revamp or not. Then we quickly get into a gathering of rings from all the different lantern colors. These rings seek out Kyle for no reason he’s aware of, and their previous wearers are all hot on the trail right to him, too. Makes for an interesting group of encounters and interplay, though I could have done without the Red Lantern. Don’t see anything interesting about them at all, personally, and the blood thing is still repulsive.

Issue 2 carries this angry dance right on to Oa, where the Guardians seem as baffled by the behavior of the rainbow of rings as anyone else, and in the final scene things get even more interesting. Tony Bedard is doing a good job of keeping things moving and presenting a storyline that has me curious to find out more. Kyle has never been a favorite character, but I’m willing to give him a chance here.

The majority of the pencils are by Tyler Kirkham, and the inks are by Batt. The art is generally fine, though Kyle does seem to have oddly variable facial features in a few places. Batt gives the inks that slick fine-line Image Comics look, which is okay. The visual depictions of the other Lanterns seems a challenge the artists are enjoying. I haven’t warmed up to the characters much yet, but I’ll give them some time, too.


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