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Issues 3 and 4 wrap up the Ring Thief storyline for this team consisting of Kyle Rayner and Lanterns of each color. Writer Tony Bedard makes good use of the various color strengths, but as soon as Larfleeze appears, he steals the show. Even his constructs are entertaining. The storyline didn’t do a lot for me, but I like the following one so far. It focuses on a huge constructed object the size of a small solar system, and also resembling one, called The Orrery, which is one of those solar system models you can often find in planetariums. The idea of such a huge structure brings to mind SF writer Larry Niven’s “Ringworld.” I’m not expecting this one to be quite that imaginative, but it seems a fun direction to go instead of the endless battles on Oa we’ve seen lately. And what Kyle and crew find there in issue 5 is quite surprising.

The art by Tyler Kirkham and Batt is well drawn and works well for this title, keeping all the characters of various colors and shapes distinct and easy to follow. I like it.


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