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Kyle Rayner and his rainbow coalition (sorry, it’s just the obvious catch-phrase) are on a giant construction called The Orrery, sort of a model solar system, but larger than life-size, if that makes any sense, and they’ve split up to investigate several of the different worlds. On each they find a large, imperious statue that comes to life. It’s a being named Archangel Invictus. He’s very powerful, and as you might guess, a religious zealot who seems to consider all the creatures in The Orrery his children, as in the Biblical way. One by one he defeats the ring-bearers, and even several together. Can nothing stand against him? There’s one color missing who might provide an answer.

I like the way the colors work together in Tony Bedard’s story, when they do, and the setting is interesting, though the villain is rather predictable. Some nice character moments and even some humor lightens what could be a ponderous story.

The art by Tyler Kirkham and Batt is quite good, up to the high standard that’s been the norm on most of the Green Lantern books lately. It’s a pleasure to look at.


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