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GREEN LANTERNS is a new series shared by the two newest Earth Lanterns, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz. “Shared” in story pages and narrative, but the two don’t seem to like or trust each other very much, and it’s an uneasy alliance at best. Each has non-Lantern problems to deal with, and each is new enough to the Green Lantern Corps to be constantly surprised by what their rings tell and show them, not to mention the situations they find themselves in. Old villain Atrocitus is here too, with Bleez, one of his Red Lanterns, and there are aliens, dead humans and an ominous red tower and A.R.G.U.S.

I was hoping this book would provide a fresh direction, but the appearance of Atrocitus, and yet another plot about the potential end of the universe suggests not. I enjoyed the interplay and personal stuff with Jessica and Simon, so will read on, but perhaps not for long.

Mildly recommended.

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